Saturday, December 28, 2019


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Margiela Kwok, Luvin Ho, Giselle Lam and Wiyona Yeung
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Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching, Margiela Kwok Sze Lam, Giselle Lam Wai Sin, and Luvin Ho (Ching Wai) starred in the film MMA DIVA (GIK DAU NUI SUN), which yesterday held a charity advanced screenings to raise fund of the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Susan Shaw Yam Yam attended in support.

Yeung Lau Ching was the most afraid of injuring her co-stars when she firs fought with the actresses. "We have an understanding, for the movie we wouldn't mind even if we get hurt. We would tough it out. The whole way through we were rubbing medicinal wine on each other. (Were you injured?) I had action experience before, I knew how to protect myself. I didn't get hurt but I got bruised. Action actors have to get over pain and injuries to become even stronger."

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