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The 63rd Annual Locarno Film Festival will present its Lifetime Achievement award to China's sixth generation director Jia Zhangke, the young film professional to receive the award from this film festival.

Jia Zhangke stated, "This was another important international recognition since STILL LIFE won the Berlin Film Festival Golden Lion prize in 2006. The news was announced on my birthday, I treated it like my birthday present. This award belongs to my first film stage. My future film life will be even more exciting, accompanied by 'lion' and 'leopard' I will always be as ferocious as an animal."

The award ceremony took place at the Locarno Square, with around 8,000 viewers who witnessed Jia Zhangke's Golden Leopard acceptance. Jia Zhangke said, "I am Jia Zhangke, from China. I am 40 this year. Many people have said to me, I am the youngest director to accept this award on this stage. I think, since the film festival has the courage to present this award to me, I should have the courage to accept this honor. 13 years ago I started to make movies, coincidentally China started to change rapidly. This change affected many people and also made people face a variety of difficulties."

This film's art director Olivier Pere said, "This is the first time in the Locarno Film Festival history that the Lifetime Achievement honorary Golden Leopard prize has been presented to such a young film professional, but Jia Zhangke's name has been recorded in the world film
records long ago. We are very proud to be able to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Jia Zhangke who was born in 1970. He is an outstanding film genius." This year's Locarno Film festival will screen Jia Zhangke's representative film PLATFORM and his latest documentary I

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