Monday, November 1, 2010


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The Zhang Yimou directed UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE had a lot of jokes during the production since both Dou Xiao and Zhou Dongyu were first time first actors. One scene even took over 100 takes. Luckily Zhang Yimou has been doting these two little actors so the production was completed smoothly!

Speaking of the most memorable experience, it had to be the scene that took over 100 takes. Dou Xiao recalled, "In that scene I was hospitalized. Dongyu suspected that I had Leukemia and took time to keep me company at the hospital. I yelled at her for being silly but was still very touched inside." Yet since it was the two little actors' first silver screen performance, they were very nervous inside and could not successfully express the character's feelings inside. They tried again and again, finally they took over 100 takes before Zhang Yimou accepted one. Zhou Dongyu said, "At the time the mental pressure was enormous. I thought I owed the other workers and we thought the director would be enraged. Who knew he didn't even finch. Each time after cut he would tell us what we needed to add; after the shoot he even told everyone that these two children were slowly improving."

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