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Yu Shaoqun, Xiong Xinxin, Shi Yanneng
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SHAOLIN's Xiong Xinxin, Yu Shaoqun and Shi Yanneng earlier promoted the film. Xiong Xinxin said that the most memorable was soon after the production began he already had to shoot a chase scene with Andy Lau Tak Wa and a heavy axe. He honestly said that the pressure was on as he was afraid of accidentally injuring Wa Jai. He joked, "If I accidentally injured Wa Jai at the beginning, I believed not only fans, even the director and the boss would be after me."

Did he instruct Wa Jai before the fight scene? Xiong Xinxin said, "I don't have to, Wa Jai is young and can fight. He is very agile, when I fought with him it was very smooth." He also said that over a decade ago he already knew the other lead Nicholas Tse Ting Fung was a martial art fanatic who often practiced in a corner of the set. He said, "Ting Fung likes to fight, he is willing to learn anything and is smart." What was the difference between Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit)'s SHAOLIN TEMPLE and SHAOLIN? He said, "They are completely different. The historical
backdrops are already two different eras. The story environment and the dialogues are different, so they cannot be compared."

Yu Shaoqun and Shi Yanneng both said that during the shoot they experienced rain, sun and snow. Due to the high demands of the director, they could not even change their costumes. Thus the toughest was after the rain scene they still had to wear wet costumes the next day. Yu Shaoqun said, the most memorable was being on the tall wooden piles. He even had to demonstrate a kick and stood on one leg. With his fear of heights he honestly said that he was very nervous. The child who was with him even accidentally fell, luckily with the sand protection he was not severely injured.

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