Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Winner of Best Artistic Contribution and Best Actress at last year's Tokyo International Film Festival, BUDDHA MOUNTAIN two days ago held a press conference in Beijing. Director Li Yu and leads Fan Bingbing, Chen Bo-Lin and others attended. The film will be officially released on March 4. In the 30 second trailer was Fan Bingbing and Chen Bo-Lin kiss scene. Li Yu and Bingbing received commemorative gifts from the producer. The former received a new take board, while Bingbing received a crystal apple. She with APPLE won a Europe Asian Film Festival Best Actress. Bingbing emotionally said, "With the opportunity from APPLE, I wouldn't have the success of BUDDHA MOUNTAIN. This is an apple that is worthy of my collection."

Li Yu spoke about working with Bingbing again after APPLE. What changed the most about her? Li Yu said that Bingbing's performance was more and more mature and although she was more and more famous she still took risks with her acting.

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