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Juno Mak Chun Lung, Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) and Wen Chao earlier worked on the new film SIU SEUNG HUP. In the story Cho Gat tried to stop Juno from going for revenge, but Juno did not listen. Cho Gat got so excited that he and Juno struggled. Cho Gat who did not have much acting experience had certain difficulty with emotional scenes. With his not so fluent Cantonese, he had frequent bad takes with a few lines. However, co-star Juno did not mind at all as they were chatting and laughing.

Juno honestly said that when he acted with Cho Gat holding back laughter was hard. "We are both singers. Normally I would only run into Cho Gat at music scenes. Watching him act I have a very hard time keeping myself from laughing. His Chinese line deliveries are very funny as he
often switch words around. Cantonese has certain difficulties for him, like Japanese is hard for me. (Did you mind his frequent bad takes?) That's not important, acting can't always been one take." Producer Willie Chan Chi Keung also supervised the progress. Juno often watched the
playback with Chan Chi Keung.

SIU SEUNG HUP was Cho Gat's second film. In his first film ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE he had no pressure due to the light subject, but this time he played a serious character. He was quite nervous. Off camera he often grabbed people around him to rehearse his lines, but due the shoot he still had troubles with them. He joked about his inaccuracy and would properly practice. Cho Gat in the film secretly protected Juno and had many action scenes. Before the shoot he deliberately practiced with the stunt team, which made him sore all over. He said, "I am afraid of clumsily hurting others, so I have to practice more. (Has your wife worried?) No, she has been very supportive of me. I know I have always wanted to make movies. This time I will stay in Hong Kong for a month. I haven't been home in 3 weeks already."

Juno in the film played Stephy Tang Lai Yun's bodyguard and had many dangerous stunts like explosion, gun fights, car crashes and building jumps. Juno truly to personally perform them as much as he could, his arm was even bruised from fighting. Has his girlfriend treated his wounds? He said, "No, we don't live together. We are busy with our own jobs and rarely see each other." Juno said that for a building jump, a stunt person fell from 30 feet above and was hospitalized with a dislocated cervical spine. At the time he witnessed the accident from above and he was still shaken.

Aside from the action scenes, Juno and Stephy also had romantic scenes. He thought Stephy was more mild mannered but he was able to get along with her. The more they worked together the better they got along. "We have an ambiguous relationship and almost kissed, but we haven't shot that scene yet. I don't know if we need to really kiss. (Has her girlfriend asked to supervise?) No." Juno said that most memorable was the emotional scene with Pat Ha Man Jik. They played mother and son and called each other Mommy and Son on and off camera.

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