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Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Vivien Yeo (Yeung Sau Wai), Leanne Li Yanan, Koni Lui Wai Yi, Lisa Ch'ng Si Ming and yesterday attended the 100 dish banquet with the Choi Hung Estate neighbors to promote their Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI). Over 200 people participated as neighbors fought for photos and autographs.

Chi Wai revealed that they shot at several estates. At the time they often caused trouble for them. The original idea was to thank everyone for their help with a meal, but they passionately decided to each bring a dish to share. He brought New Year rice cake, turnip cake as gifts to wish them a Happy Lunar New Year in advance. Chi Wai said, "Earlier we went to eat around Tin Wan. The seniors were very passionate and fought for me to try this and that. Truly I was 'tasting' Grannies early in the morning!" Chi Wai also said that some volunteers who helped
rebuild Sichuan came to Hong Kong and were interested in watching the production, so he brought them along.

Speaking of the box office, will he continue to compete with Raymond Wong Pak Ming this year? Chi Wai proudly said, "No competition, it's unfair. I focus more on the Hong Kong market, he does better in the Mainland market. I should win in Hong Kong and he should in the Mainland.
Then he doesn't have to treat me to dinner!" Chi Wai was very confident in the box office because many screenings had great reviews. Did the actor compensation remain to be silent appreciation? Chi Wai said, "To them I truly have silent appreciation. This year we pay more than enough, everyone is very satisfied!" As for his father's condition, Chi Wai said that his condition was already stable. Now his children stayed in Taiwan and called everyday, so he was very relaxed.

Recently a magazine claimed that sex dealers appeared in show business and targeted female artists who started in beauty pageants to dine with the rich. Lui Wai Yi was on the list. At first she asked whether she was on the list, then she said, "It's got nothing to do with me! No one contacted me, maybe I am too tough. I don't pick up calls without identification." Would she like how much she was worth? Lui Wai Yi said that she did not since she had a price but no market. Would she like a market? Lui Wai Yi said no because even with a price she would not try. She could just work harder. In the film she would yell at Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Lui Wai Yi said that at first she was very afraid and had a lot of pressure. Later she was better. Yeung Sau Wai denied that any dealer has contacted her. Was she interested in her own price? She also said that she was not because she was afraid that too low a price would upset her.

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