Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Gong Li starred romantic comedy WHAT WOMEN WANT, which was based on Hollywood classic romantic comedy of the same title, will be released on Valentine's Day. To coordinate with the film's trendy background, each character had many different looks. Gong Li in particular had so many that costume fitting took three days. Lead actor Lau Tak Wa felt that the look was very important to character creation. This time he had to put more thought into interpreting the character than earlier costume and action epics.

Gong Li in the film had over 30 sets of clothing in the film. During costume fitting she needed to repeatedly wear all of the clothing, shoes, and glasses for the most suitable look for her character and the story. The team was also very strict, even hairstyle detail was not overlooked. Gong Li said that in the film her character was an advertising creative director who had very sharp senses about female consumers, thus when shaping the character she needed different trendy looks to coordinate with her characteristics. Although during the shoot she had to keep changing, it was the first time she played this type of character and she thought it felt very fresh. She hoped the audience would like it. Although costume fitting alone took three days ago, Gong Li did not feel impatient at all. Instead she enjoyed the process and gave a lot of opinions.

Wa Jai also felt that looks were particularly important to this fashion background romantic comedy because it would be able to affect viewer senses. Wa Jai pointed out that this was a romantic comedy that did not have visual special effect stimulation or twist and turn filled storyline. Thus the performance in comparison to past costume epics and action special effects films required more thought to fill the characters. This time the characters were close to live people. Without any real effect the audience would feel they were very fake and could not
be convinced.

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