Thursday, January 20, 2011


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The Hollywood star Michael Biehn, Simon Yam Tat Wa and Phoenix V starred SHADOWGUARD will be released on the 27th. Playing a rebel leader in the film, Yam Tat Wa went with the team to shoot on location in the mountains. Although the film was not shot in the summer, exposure was inevitable. The worst for Yam Tat Wa was director and star Michael Biehn's request. "Michael in order for my military uniform to have the aged look didn't permit anyone to wash the costume; everyday I had to wear it, which was truly very smelly. Even flies didn't fly near

Although trapping in a long shoot in a remote location, Brother Wa still stayed in shape. Everyday when he chose to run to the set. For the best result he ignored the villagers' looks and wore a silver reflective sweat suit. On his break he also studied Tai Chi with the team's Tai Chi expert. Workers who were short of sleep daily admired his determination.

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