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Andy Lau Tak Wa has always avoided questions about his wife Chu Lai Sin. Lately Wa Jai was accused of talking about his family while promoting in Beijing; yesterday he promoted his new film SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI) at Kowloon Bay and continued to decline to respond about
his family. He stressed that he did not talk about his family anywhere. Speaking of Jim Chim Shui Man turning his theme song into a homophonic dirty song. Wa Jai did not mind as long as viewers enjoyed it. However he stressed that he would not sing dirty songs.

Wa Jai, director Benny Chan Muk Sing yesterday promoted the upcoming release SHAOLIN. He and Mainland Shaolin monks demonstrated poses. Wa Jai also played games with many female fans. Fans were enthusiastic as they fought for the chance to be on stage and pose for
pictures with Wa Jai.

Lau Tak Wa after completing his concert has not seen any official time off. Recently he was busy with promoting the new film all over. Because the primary promotional responsibility lay with him, Wa Jai said, "Earlier I went to Singapore, Taiwan, the Mainland had Fan Bingbing and
(Nicholas Tse) Ting Fung. Tomorrow's premiere will also have Ting Fung." Wa Jai pointed out that SHAOLIN originally was scheduled for a Christmas release, but due to many film releases and cinema issues, it was switched to the Lunar New Year. He also said, "I originally wanted to rest three weeks, but now I predict that I can only rest for three or four days starting the Lunar New Year's Eve. In the New Year I will have to work on (Ann) Hui On Wa's new film." Has his family complained about how busy he has been? He continued to decline to talk. "Be nice! Actually every Lunar New Year I have been off, only this year I won't. (Are your family used to it?) They are used to it. I don't know how to answer, I don't want to keep talking about this!" Reporters honestly said that he talked about his family earlier in Beijing and showed favoritism. Wa Jai said, "You can make up stuff too, people who know me know I really didn't talk. That was an advertising event, and I was only asked about my past 30 years and the future. I only said I want to spend it with my family. (Your wife is family too.) OK! You can write that. I told everyone everywhere that I won't talk. Because I have to take care of three places on both sides of the straits (media) it's tougher!"

In addition, recently Chim Shui Man had a little fun with his song and turned the lyrics into foul language homonyms for his stand up comedy concert. Wa Jai did not mind and said that as long as it made people happy he was fine. However, he did not know about his lyrics being changed. Wa Jai said, "Actually I can accept it, it's just vulgar. (Would you sing dirty song?) It's very hard to answer, it's not good as long as it has foul language! He has a social responsibility and knows how to control it!"

Speaking of Kelly's in vitro pregnancy, Wa Jai took the chance to congratulate her. Would he be interested in trying in vitro pregnancy? He awkwardly said, "Don't ask me about this, I am working very hard. Let it be!"

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