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WHAT WOMEN WANT will be released on February 17. Director Chen Daming, actors Andy Lau Tak Wa, Gong Li, Banny Chen, Yuan Li and others yesterday attended a Shanghai press conference. Two nights ago at the Beijing premiere, Wa Jai appeared in a black suit while Gong Li wore a silver evening gown.

At the Shanghai press conference, Wa Jai who was able to hear women's thoughts in the film was called "Casanova". Gong Li was called "Queen". They did not seem to care about the titles. The media asked Gong Li whether she felt like she was the queen. She said, "This is just a promotion, it's not bad! I like it very much. Queen in my heart is a very high position, I thank you for giving me this title." Wa Jai joked, "Everyone called me Heavenly King, I wouldn't really think I am a Heavenly King!"

They both have seen the original film but Gong Li felt that the Chinese version had more advantage. "In comparison to the 80s, after adaptation WHAT WOMEN WANT was filled with emotion and more charming. It added even more Chinese culture into it, the advantage is very strong." Wa Jai also said that all remake would be compared with the original. "INFERNAL AFFAIRS (MO GAN DOH) was remade in the U.S. We would feel it wasn't as good as ours but Americans liked it. The markets are different. WHAT WOMEN WANT was remade for the East. The biggest different was we are more reserved, the love and interpersonal relationships are more real."

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