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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung in SHAOLIN had many life and death battles, including one in front of a giant Buddha statue. Ting Fung hung upside down in mid air while Wa Jai fell from over ten meters height to fall into the embrace of Buddha. Their mid air fight took over four hours.

Ting Fung hung upside down like a hand stand for over five minutes as blood rushed to his eyes. Ting Fung said, "I was upside down for too long and really felt dizzy. The director arranged for a doctor to be on the set." Wa Jai pulled Ting Fung from mid air back to the ground and also exerted a lot of energy. Even he joked that his arms were limp. In addition, Ting Fung beat Wa Jai into Buddha's hand. They had to be from above the 9.9 meter Buddha statue and fell gradually also the statue's body. When Wa Jai dropped his body often hit the statue's body as if he was rocking in a cradle. Yet Wa Jai thought this scene was wonderful. "When I was sliding along the statue in mid air, the close contact felt very peaceful and harmonious. Maybe because I am a Buddhist, I felt it even more."

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