Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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Andy Lau Tak Wa, Fan Bingbing, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung
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Andy Lau Tak Wa, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Fan Bingbing, and director Benny Chan Muk Sing earlier attended the SHAOLIN Shanghai press conference. Wa Jai said that earlier he was not familiar with Bingbing until when they made FUTURE X-COPS (MEI LOI GAING CHAT) they began to chat. This time was their first real collaboration. In the film his relationship with Bingbing and their emotional changes were rather hard to play, thus they were deeper. He also felt that the performance was fun.

Will Wa Jai invited Bingbing to be his guest at his Mainland concerts? Bingbing joked that she could dance with Wa Jai on wires, but Wa Jai actually did not ask her yet. Wa Jai explained that he rarely opened his mouth to invite people because he was afraid of rejection. Because the Mainland concerts differed from the Hong Kong structure, if he had to invite guests he definitely will invite Bingbing. Bingbing originally was working in Zhejiang, in order to rush to the press
conference she spent 200,000 on the flight. She explained that she had to attend no matter what if she agreed to. She joked that she imagined Wa Jai had a plane too. Wa Jai clarified, "I don't have a plane, I want one though."

Tse Ting Fung originally played a monk, but one day when he was still making STOOL PIGEON (SIN YUN) director Chan Muk Sing called him and asked him to play the villain instead of the monk. Ting Fung pointed out that at the time he was very happy and immediately thanked the director. The director did not expect this reaction from him. At first he was afraid that he could not leave his idol image. Ting Fung has always risked his life with his films. Would he still avoiding taking the same risks now with a wife and children? Ting Fung said, "Wouldn't this be
very conflicting? Shouldn't I risk even more for my wife and children?" Ting Fung pointed out that sometimes he wanted to avoid the risks, but during the shoot he would perform as ordered because this was the professionalism that actors should have. If he was able to he would perform his stunts. If not he would not fool everyone.

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