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The Peter Chan Ho Sun produced, Vincent Kok Tak Siu directed, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu starred Lunar New Year film MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE will open on Lunar New Year's Day. Goo Jai and Kwan Yu played superheroes who not only had to fight at the martial art summit but also studied "bedroom tricks" in order to have a child. They even argued to stimulate hormones. Director Kok Tak Siu pointed out that during the shoot Chan Ho Sun visited the set twice, coincidentally both times were when Kwan Yu was working on the bed scenes.

Playing Red, Kwan Yu in order to have a child thought of arguing with Huan Goo Jai to add joy. Yet her husband fell for young fan Blue Phoenix and Red became a crybaby. While shooting this scene, Chan Ho Sun egged Kwan Yu on as he asked her to be "like (Maggie) Cheung Man Yuk" and performed a tears within laughter major emotional scene. Kwan Yu pointed out that Chan Ho Sun was quite exaggerated, telling her that the audience applause would rely on this scene. The emotions must naturally erupt so she could not think with too much reason. Finally she found her inspiration from her daughter. She thought of earlier when she played SNOW WHITE with her daughter and she played the witch. Because she was very convincing she scared her. As soon as her daughter cried she was frightened and immediately coaxed her daughter, but at this time her daughter wiped her tears and shrugged, "I was just acting!"

Goo Jai and Kwan Yu have worked together many times, but during the bed scene Goo Jai was very nervous as well. Because the bed scene took place at the first day of work, with Chan Ho Sun on hand how could he not be nervous? The director explained that the bed scene was shot on the first day because the other sets were not completed. Goo Jai also pointed out that Chan Ho Sun rarely demonstrated for actors but this time he shared how he got along with Kwan Yu at home with him. He even told him to relax. Kwan Yu's performance was very wild, but she thought Goo Jai's beard was the worst. Every time they kissed it made her itch and she had
bad takes often because she was laughing.

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