Sunday, January 30, 2011


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George Lam Chi Cheung was invited to participate in the ATV Spring Festival event and played an important guest performer role. As the same time ATV Ace Adason Lo Lik Wai performed Lam Chi Cheung's TRIO WALK (SAM YUN HUNG). THE LEGEND IS BORN: IP MAN (IP MAN CHIN JUEN)'s To Yu Hang accompanied with Southern Fist and staff Lam Chi Cheung's
performance of MEN SHOULD BE SELF SUFFICIENT (NAM YI DONG JI KEUNG). About Law Lik Wai's new style performance, Lam Chi Cheung said, "It's a great thing. Music completely relies on creativity. This is what we want. The younger generation of singers have their own ideas, which I admire." Lam Chi Cheung was a guest on ASIAN MILLIONSTAR but after years in the business this was his first major ATV program. Lam Chi Cheung recalled how restrictive promotional platforms used to be. Luckily now he did not need to sign with one platform and lose other promotional chances.

Also working with ATV for the first time, Guangzhou's Stephen Chow Sing Chi Wen Chao performed a sketch and guest host. In the sketch Wen Chao played LET THE BULLETS FLY's Jiang Wen. Wen Chao said, "Working with many veteran hosts I had some pressure. I can only try to relax a little." Wen Chao said that he was busy with a Hong Kong film and was fighting to work more in Hong Kong. Was he worried about TVB hindering his promotion for his hosting for ATV this time? Wen Chao honestly said that in order to fulfill his dream he would not deliberately differentiate between platforms.

Taiwan models Patina Lin (Lam Ka Yi) and Janel Tsai (Choi Suk Chun) attended. Lam Ka Yi said that Choi Suk Chun often worked on film. He worked on the new film THE ISLAND (GOO DOH GWAI WON) with Jordan Chan Siu Chun. Lam Ka Yi said that later when she will have a chance to make movies she will have to consult Choi Suk Chun's acting experience.

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