Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Paw Hee Ching

Ha Mung, Fok Chun Ting
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Many veteran artists and celebrities including Paw Hee Ching, Fok Chun Ting, Henry Fong Ping, Chow Chung and Ha Mung two nights ago attended Sil-Metropole Organization's 60th anniversary and New Year Spring Banquet. One of the guests Sister Paw said that this meeting made her sentimental.

She recalled. "Back then when Great Wall, Feng Huang and Sun Luen merged into Sil-Metropole, I was a student in their final training class!" The event also showed Sister Paw's early film. She said, "Back then I participate in the film CHU YUAN, I was only 19!" Did the director yell at her? She said that at the time the director was great and rarely yelled at actors. Reporters joked that because she was pretty she was not yelled at. Sister Paw said, "Maybe it's because I am smart. At the time I couldn't watch playback. I had to watch the director's reaction to know how I played!" She also revealed that back then she was the youngest actress. Two nights ago she ran into many directors and instructors in their 90s and praised the elders' spirit. She said, "Sister Ha Mung is forever beautiful!" Speaking of her classmates, Sister Paw said, "Now only Fong Ping and I are left. Many people switched jobs, maybe they went to produce in the Mainland."

Mainland star Huang Yi also attended. She said that due to work she stayed in Hong Kong, so she took time to attend. As for her future, she said, "In the future I may have to make a Hong Kong film and need to speak Cantonese, so I have to learn it well."

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