Monday, January 10, 2011


Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, Kay Tse On Kay, Jimmy Wan Chi Man
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LOVER'S DISCOURSE (LUEN YUN SHUI YU) was released on January 6 and the response has been enthusiastic. First time directors Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Jimmy Wan Chi Man have been showing viewer appreciation since the Thursday opening. Actress Kay Tse On Kay also took time to join them on Sunday.

Tse On Kay said, "Actually the local film industry needs new blood very much. Tsang Kwok Cheung and Wan Chi Man spent a lot of effort and time to be able to complete this film, everyone can see the result. So I very gladly support their first full length feature physically." During the events, many viewers spoke up. Tse On Kay's part was the funny. Viewers thought Eddie Peng Yu-Yan's substitute was a stroke of genius. Some viewers even asked Tse On Kay the feeling of acting with a doll. She answered, "It's very hard!" She pointed out that the doll was not as soft as the human body, so it was very hard to hold. "Yet I gradually got used to it. I truly treated him like the object of a crush and injected real emotions. I even gave him my first on screen kiss!" Most viewers liked Tse On Kay with her numerous costumes acting with Peng Yu-Yan's substitute. They did not expect her to perform so well. Kay said, "In school I had a crush on a classmate! I have experience!"

Directors Tsang Kwok Cheung and Wan Chi Man thanked audiences for four days in a row, to hear encouragements from the mouth of the audience directly. They even ran into secondary school students. It is a small world after all!

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