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Sandra Ng said working with husband Peter Chan Ho Sun was very confusing and very tiring.

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Ronald Cheng

Margie Tsang Wa Sin, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sandra Ng
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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu
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The Louis Koo Tin Lok and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu starred Lunar New Year film MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE (SUN KEI HUP NUI) two nights ago held a charity premiere to raise fund for the Hong Kong Early Psychosis Intervention Society. Aside from the leads, producer Peter Chan Ho Sun, director Vincent Kok Tak Siu also attended. Kwan Yu ignored husband Chan Ho Sun and dressed up for the event. Even her friends Sheung Tin Ngor and Margie Tsang Wa Sin could not help but attack her chest.

Kwan Yu stole the show with her sexiness, but she said that she did so to support her husband. This year he had two Lunar New Year film releases but she was very confident in herself. Despite the flu two nights ago she still brought out the "chest" that she has hidden for a long time and joked that this time she risked her life. Kwan Yu also joked that if the box office did well, Goo Jai should take out money to give away. They even agreed to give away big laisee at the celebration, as they feared that people would call them cheap.

Earlier Kok Tak Siu revealed that Kwan Yu and Goo Jai had a bed scene when Chan Ho Sun supervised. Kwan Yu joked that he had no real separation between personal and professional. She pointed out that Chan Ho Sun was especially demanding of her, like always saying at home they lacked promotion. She was afraid that she knew too much and "threatened her own life". She also pointed out that Chan Ho Sun came to the set that day and she was not embarrassed. Instead she joked that her husband was so old and gray that he should have returned home after the ceremony, but he was unwilling to leave. Goo Jai was not embarrassed either because the producer supported him in playing this character well.

Kwan Yu's friend Tsang Wa Sin came in support two nights ago and attacked Kwan Yu's chest on the spot. During a photo shoot she also took the chance to touch Goo Jai's chest. Kwan Yu said, "They are both single, Goo Jai is so 'big' in everything." Goo Jai immediately clarified that she meant his home. Wa Sin joked that she was not interested in younger man, but seeing Goo Jai she would consider him. She joked, "You have great qualities, especially since you are a little bashful!" Kwan Yu joked that many friends were lining up but Goo Jai did not have time as
career came first for him. Goo Jai joked, "Thank you, thank you very much, I am very busy now. We will talk when I am free!" Then he took the chance to skip out.

Ronald Cheng Chung Kei two nights ago appeared at the premiere and became the focus. He looked fatter. He honestly said that recently he has been working on Wong Jing's new film MO GA JI BO (PRICELESS TREASURE) and often had Peking Duck on the set. In addition his character was a martial art superstar so he deliberately trained to look stronger. Speaking of his divorce with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, was he unable to appear in court because he was working in the Mainland? At first he was unwilling to talk then said, "This is a part of the process, I don't have to go to court. Actually all the procedures have already been done. (The court now issued a temporary divorce to you.) That's the way it is!" However a hearing has been rumored due to financial issues of both parties. Was Ah Sa asking for support? He said, "No, not at all!" He said that they did not have any debt issue. Were they still in contact? He hesitated and said, "Not constant contact, only when contact is needed. (Do you need to see Ah Sa again to discuss the divorce?) Basically I don't need to, but in the future we may need to at work."

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