Monday, January 24, 2011


Zhang Xuan, Athena Chu Yun, Zaxi Dunzhu
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The Athena Chu Yun, Cheung Tat Ming, Zaxi Dunzhu, Waise Lee Chi Hung, Zhang Xuan, Chen Mingxin starred film THE AROMA CITY two nights ago held its premiere in Beijing. The actors and director Xu Chao attended. The film was a fantasy love story that took place in Shangri-La. Chu Yun played a mute fairy, Zaxi Dunzhu played a rich kid singer Zhang Shaojun. Two nights ago the leads Chu Yun and Zaxi Dunzhu held hands on stage and not only accepted white Hada from the people of Yunnan but also received invitations to experience the "journey of aroma" in Shangri-La.

Chu Yun in the past has played a fairy character. She joked that she was very suitable to play a fairy as she seemed to no longer able to play a human. Zaxi Dunzhu praised that Chu Yun would always be the Zixia Fairy. If he like Stephen Chow Sing Chi ran into Zixia Fairy, he definitely would add 10,000 years to the time limit of love.

Chu Yun said, "This time my character in the film couldn't talk, to me it was extremely challenging. I still want to play non human roles." How did she feel her performance was in the film? Chu Yun honestly said that she was very satisfied and wanted to watch this film earlier. Regrettably he could not attend the premiere. Zhang Xuan said that she loved pranks, this time in the film she specialized in ruining Chu Yun and Zaxi Dunzhu's romance.

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