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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Louis Koo Tin Lok two nighst ago attended the MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE (SUN KEI HUP NUI) in Shanghai. The team held a "wedding" as producer Peter Chan Ho Sun and director Vincent Kok Tak Siu as witnesses, while new comer Li Qin was the bridesmaid. Kwan Yu's authentic "heroic mate" Chan Ho Sun generously said, "Freedom at
work, freedom in love, freedom in marriage." Kok Tak Siu hoped to be able to attend MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE's baby month anniversary banquet.

Two nights ago aside from MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE, Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man also attended this "superhero group wedding". Kok Tak Siu explained, "As soon as Superman is mentioned, people would first think about the foreign Superman, but after this film's release, MR. AND MRS. INCREDBILE will be like Spider-Man and Batman and become a new generation of superhero idols." Kok Tak Siu even brought a MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE honeymoon "romantic silent film". Goo Jai and Kwan Yu not only went to a carnival together, watched a shadow play, and got a "couple tattoo". Kok Tak Siu explained, "This time I want to tell an everlasting love, I feel in love, doing is more important than saying. Silent film is an almost eliminated format, but I feel it has a loving warmth that does not need to be spoken."

Goo Jai and Kwan Yu after watching the "romantic silent film" was very touched. Goo Jai said, "In my heart, my parents who are still in love together are the real MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE. Although everyday they are arguing, arguing to them is a type of entertainment, a relief. If they don't fight they instead are unhappy. I put this feeling into the film, in one scene Kwan Yu and I had to argue, I impersonated my father and watched how he argued." Kwan Yu said that she learned her performance experience from her daughter. One day she and her daughter were playing SNOW WHITE at home. She played the witch while her daughter played the princess. Because she was very vicious and scary, her daughter suddenly cried. She rushed to coax her daughter, "Mama is just playing with you!" Her daughter shrugged and said, "I am acting!"

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