Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Josie Ho Chiu Yi earlier won Best Actress at a film festival in Spain with DREAM HOME (WAI DOR LEI AH YUT HO). Good friend and business partner Edison Chen Koon Hei on New Year's Eve personally presented the award to Josie as they posed in front of an oil painting of her father Stanley Ho Hung Sun!

Josie received 100 million from her father for a film company. She starred in the first film DREAM HOME, which won a Best Actress award in Spain. Because she was working in New Orleans she could not accept the award in person.

At the time Josie wrote online, "I can't believe my first time was through email notification. That night I was so excited that I was diving in bed all night. Recently Chief Executive Tsang praised me for garnering glory for Hong Kong to a friend, even he noticed. I truly felt honored!"

Reportedly Josie's Best Actress award was flown to Josie's company. Good friend and business partner Chen Koon Hei deliberately took time on New Year's Eve to present the award to Josie. At the time she as usual was at her father Ho Hung Sun's mansion to welcome the New Year with her family. Chen Koon Hei's good intention made Josie even happier. Josie even excitedly posed for a picture with the award in hand in front of her father's oil painting!

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