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Jiang Wen and his actress wife Zhou Yun earlier came to Hong Kong to promote their new film LET THE BULLETS FLY. The mother of two Zhou Yun honestly said that she would like to have a daughter. As for work, she definitely would work on her husband's movies first because she believed her husband's films were the best. In addition he needed her support.

As for working with her husband, Zhou Yun honestly said that she would not have pressure. Because he too was an actor and knew how to perform, to other actors it was a good thing. Would they fight about work? She said that she did not need to. As for privately, she felt that any interpersonal relationship would certainly have problems, but solving them would be the most important. If Jiang Wen and another script made offers to her, she said, "Definitely my husband comes first because I believe my husband's movies are the best. In addition he needs my support." As for Hong Kong actors who she would like to work with the most, Chow Yun Fat she has already worked with this time. She only worked with the other one Tony Leung Chiu Wai on a commercial. Would she like to work on a movie with Wai Jai? She said, "If it's suitable I would."

Speaking of Jiang Wen and Carina Lau Ka Ling's bed scene, she said before reporters even asked. "The bed scene is great! (Weren't you jealous?) I don't get to be jealous. Ka Ling gave a very sexy performance without undoing a single button. (Were you on the set to supervise?) I happened to be working on another film in another studio. I wouldn't deliberately ask my husband about work, I would only talk to him about family and children." As for her two sons, a four and a two year old, she said that she would like a daughter. However she had to act too, would she have time for the children? She said, "I can still manage, as an actress I am only busier in the one or two months in production, the rest of the time is my choice. (Does family come first for you?) I can choose of course I would choose family first, I believe Chinese women are all this way."

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