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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Jiang Wen starred THE LOST BLADESMAN (GUAN YUNCHANG) will be released at the end of April. Yesterday the film announced the Guan Yu "Martial Wealth God" poster. On the poster Guan Yu wore an armor, helmet, a beard to the chest and a blade in hand. The entire image was fitting. Chi Tan was very satisfied with this look. In order to complete this look, designers spent six hours.

Directors Alan Mak Siu Fai and Felix Chong Man Keung said that each person had an image of Guan Yu in their hearts. This "Martial Wealth God" look might be closer to Guan Yu in most people's imagination, with the blade, the beard, red face, prestige without anger, and a body full of righteousness. Chi Tan pointed out that in the film Guan Yu was still a person, not a god yet. Thus he hoped that not only he looked the part but also had second Brother Guan's loyalty and honor.

Last year his kung fu film IP MAN 2 in the Mainland was released on the May Day golden slot and with 240 million RMB it became the box office champion and landed in the fifth place in the 2010 Chinese film box office chart. This time the film company was quite confident that THE
LOST BLADESMAN's box office will exceed IP MAN 2, as the lowest target was set to 300 million. Chi Tan and Jiang Wen's "heroic duo meeting" caught as much attention as LET THE BULLETS FLY. This time Chi Tan personally acted as action director. With Guan Yu's fame far ahead of Ip Man's, no more needed to be said about the base audience of the Three Kingdoms

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