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Sandra Ng constantly checks on her daughter

Louis Koo tries to make a heart sign with his hands
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Louis Koo Tin Lok and director Vincent Kok Tak Siu yesterday promoted the Lunar New Year film MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE (SUN KEI HUP NUI). Kwan Yu's daughter made a rare appearance with her mother. Because she was used to paparazzi, when reporters raised their cameras to take photos Kwan Yu's daughter Chan Si Chi immediately
covered her face. Even when Kwan Yu asked her to pose for pictures together she was unwilling.

Kwan Yu admitted that she has been busy with Mainland, Singapore and Malay promotions and did not have time to communicate with her daughter. Two nights ago she just returned from Shanghai. Yesterday after attending the event in Hong Kong she had to fly to Beijing. Thus she brought her daughter along, after work she could still take time to have afternoon tea with her and shop for toys before getting on her flight. Kwan Yu said, "I really miss her very much. If I didn't miss her so much I wouldn't bring her out." Kwan Yu starred in two Lunar New Year films and her promotional workload also doubled. She would be busy until the Lunar New Year's Eve. Even her co-star Goo Jai suggested for her to bring her daughter to promote, but she worried that her daughter would get tired and she would be even more tired. She also did not want her daughter to take days off from school.

About Kelly Chen Wai Lam's pregnancy, Kwan Yu was happy for Kelly. "Congratulations to Kelly. She wants to be Mommy again. Now she got what she wanted. I wished for her peace and health, not to have too much pressure. Carrying twins truly has a lot of pressure. Ultimately she has to be happy." Kwan Yu also wanted to have another child but she said that
she would not consider in vitro procedure like Kelly did. She said, "The whole thing has a lot of pressure, in particular since I am not young anymore. Kelly is still young. I know some people are unsuccessful even with in vitro, I heard someone tried it 15 times before success. I feel she is very brave, she must really like children."

Kwan Yu said that she liked children too, but she seriously thought about adoption and it was not her idea alone. It was Peter Chan Ho Sun's suggestion. They had several family meeting about this. She planned to start the adoption process after she finished with her Lunar New Year film promotion. Aside from wanting to adopt a Chinese child, Kwan Yu joked that her daughter will decide the sex of the child. As far as she knew her daughter would like a sister. Would their parents object? She said, "If we want it they can't object. Adoption is good for both sides. It is a very good karma for me because the world has a lot of children who don't have anyone to take care of them. Yet adoption may not be definitely successful either."

Goo Jai also had to promote two Lunar New Year films and had to keep flying all over. Sometimes he would be in some place tropical and then to the snowy North. Thus he had medication from his doctor with him. He said that promotions in general would take place in hotels so he would not have too many chances outside, but many people were in the flight and
the air did not flow well. He could easily catch something. He was the most afraid of having a fever and being unable to return to Hong Kong. Although he had two Lunar New Year in direct confrontation, he was not worried about splitting the box office. Instead this year he had even
more friends asking him for Lunar New Year film tickets. He joked that he owed a lot of tickets.

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