Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Louis Koo Tin Lok yesterday unveiled his wax figure at the Madame Tussauds at the Peak. Goo Jai even deliberately dressed like the wax figure and made the same pose. To coordinate with his new film's make up artist look, the event arranged for him to apply make up on the figure
and invited director Raymond Wong Pak Ming. Goo Jai also received a mini wax figure.

Goo Jai praised that the wax figure was very convincing, especially with the eyes and the hair. Even he was tempted to collect a wax figure; however he was fatter in person than the wax figure, which Goo Jai immediately denied. He said that recently he was thinner. Looking cool he joked that actually he looked like the wax figure too. Was he worried about strange behavior from tourists? He generously said that everyone could do whatever their hearts desire. He would not mind any gesture as long as they do not damage the wax figure.

This Lunar New Year Goo Jai had two film releases, including MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE (SUN KEI HUP NUI) with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. Yet Kwan Yu in horder to help Eric Tsang Chi Wai who will be busy with his father's funeral will focus on I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK)'s film promotion. Goo Jai said that he was not worried about Kwan Yu giving less attention to the MR. promotion or adding to his workload because his film promotions have already been assigned. The next day he will fly to Malaysia, then to Beijing and other places to promote until the Lunar New Year's Eve.

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