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The Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) cast yesterday promoted for a second day in Singapore. A press conference was held but Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Fala Chen were absent. The former took the early flight back to Taiwan for a family matter and the latter had to leave the team early for work. Sandra Ng Kwan Yu had to carry the load, on stage she kept taking jabs at Cheung Ho Yi and Sheung Tin Ngor to create a lot to talk about.

Chi Wai two days ago led the cast of I including Ng Kwan Yu, Fala Chen, Cheung Ho Yi, Sister Ngo, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Viven Yeo (Yeung Sau Wai), Yuen Siu Cheung and others to promote for two days in Singapore. Two nights ago after arriving at the hotel they immediately promoted at a ferris wheel and a shopping center and did not dine until after 10PM. Although they were starving and tired, the center event received a lot of enthusiastic support so they thought it was worth the effort. Yesterday the cast attended the press conference without Chi Wai and Fala. Before the press conference started, the film theme song music video with Tony
Leung Ka Fai leading the cast was aired. Then with the local dish Lo Hei Yusheng they wished to be on top of the box office.

During character introduction, Kwan Yu said that this time she played a kind wife and mother. Sister Ngor heard and pretended to be nauseous. Kwan Yu joked, "She is pregnant!" Sister Ngor heard and stood up to hint that she was not. "Not so soon, not yet." When Ho Yi introduced herself as a big star in the film, Kwan Yu joked, "Right, she plays herself, a big star who looks mad all day." Kwan Yu also jealously said that Chi Wai and the director took great care of Ho Yi. The host comforted Kwan Yu and said, "Your 'family has a joyous event' (ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL Chinese title)." Kwan Yu joked that this title could not be said at this event. They had to say I LOVE HK.

As for Chi Wai unable to attend the press conference, Kwan Yu said that she did not know his itinerary. She only found out yesterday morning that Fala already left Singapore. Before the event she knew about Chi Wai's father and sent her regrets. However she felt that Chi Wai put
up a tough front on this trip and was not as sharp as usual. In addition he was somewhat unhappy so she did not deliberately disturb him. She also said that she gladly split the promotional workload with Chi Wai and joked that this film had the edge of the number of actors.

Yesterday the actresses did not dress up. Yeung Sau Wai said that earlier she received a notice that on this trip she had to wear the film's promotional tee shorts, so she and Ko Hoi Ning wore shorts to match it. Ko Hoi Ning said, "Actually we had tank tops but because we agreed earlier, so we continued to wear shorts to match the shirts." As for Chi Wai's absence, they did not think they lost luster because they still had Kwan Yu, Ho Yi, Cheung Jai and others. Ko Hoi Ning even praised Cheung Jai's active performance as he kept telling jokes. Everyone became more alert as they grew more tired, no wonder he was the Gag Father. Considering who she has been linked in gossips and now she praised Cheung Jai, reporters joked that she particularly loved chubby guys. She denied that. "It's coincidental, I don't have any rumor with Cheung Jai." Sau
Wai also said, "Cheung Jai is lovable and kind, easy to be friends with!" They indeed were good sisters.

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