Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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The State Council's promotional film China's National Image -- People is on displayed at Times Square, New Year 15 times per hour. The short film described the image of Chinese people with "wisdom, beauty, bravery, talent, wealth". Donnie Yen Chi Tan took part in the "Bravery" segment.

Chi Tan felt very honored and thought that it was because his IP MAN heroic image was memorable. He said, "Of course my personal image has to meet the condition too. Being able to take part in the national image promotional film to me is the highest honor. I am very honored to be able to represent Chinese people."

Chi Tan felt that the promotion could give the U.S. and the world a better understanding of China. China is strong now and has many outstanding people in a variety of areas. As a Chinese Chi Tan felt very proud.

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