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Eric Tsang Chi Wai's father Tsang Kai Wing earlier passed away. Two nights ago Chi Wai held a cremation ceremony in Taiwan for his father. Chi Wai after handling his father's affair immediately returned to Hong Kong to promote the Lunar New Year film. Originally Chi Wai
planned to transport his father's ashes back to Hong Kong, but now with more family in Taiwan he decided to place it in Taiwan.

Chi Wai yesterday appeared on a Commercial Radio interview and was still dressed in black. He thanked everyone and he was better than he imagined. His father departed very well, in the entire process he was very appreciative. His family has returned to Taiwan and his father left very comfortably. He gave special thanks to Master Hsing Yun for loaning a place for him to hold his father's farewell event. His father's ashes will be placed in Taiwan. Was this his father's wish? He pointed out that his father causally left it to them. At first he thought about shipping it back to Hong Kong, but he thought of how more family was in Taiwan and they liked to go to the temple, he decided to leave it there. After the Lunar New year, about February 26 he will hold a farewell event for his father. How was his daughter Bo Yi? He pointed out that his father was old and it did not happen suddenly. His father's health gradually deteriorated so they were mentally prepared. Yet this was a rare chance for the family to get together, so they decided to have an annual reunion. He believed that his father wished that for them. Now he is busy with the Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI) promotion.

Speaking of "Shell King" Chan Kwok Keung becoming TVB's new boss and Chi Wai was a friend of his, would he have more advantages now with the Lunar New Year film promotion? He said that it was the same. He pointed out that Chan Kwok Keung was not a rookie and was a shareholder of TVB pay television. He had the intention to work in entertainment and with the Star East experience, he was not as simple as a investor. Chi Wai said that he had no idea before hand. Fifteen minutes before the press release Chan Kwok Keung called to tell him. He thought it was a good thing. Would he be interested in TVB administrative work? Chi Wai honestly said that he was not but he would give opinions in the area of film. He also pointed out that Chan and Mona Fong Yat Wa worked together before. During pay television days he was in contact with Ms. Fong and they already had chemistry. He believed that the addition to TVB would not cause too much change.

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