Sunday, January 30, 2011


Liu Xiaoqing

Cecilia Cheung
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Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has been working on LADY GENERAL OF YANG FAMILY (YEUNG MOON NUI JEUNG ji GWUN LING YU SAN). Due to numerous battles on the snow, "lady generals" were injured. Pak Chi earlier had an injury with a stunt person as the right side of her face was swollen. Luckily Pak Chi immediately applied a metal spoon and ice to the wound. After carefully treating the wound her bruise has gradually subsided and make up could already hide the swelling.

Aside from Pak Chi, Liu Xiaoqing yesterday said that she was hurt on the set online and even uploaded a photo of her bruised kneecap. Cheng Pei Pei earlier said that the shoot in the cold has had many difficulties. Due to the cold and the heavier costume, she had trouble even mounting the horse.

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