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Emperor Motion Picture SHAOLIN (SUN SIU LUM JI) will open on January 27. Aside from stars Andy Lau Tak Wa and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, it also featured Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan, Wu Jing and other special performances. Big Brother Jackie Chan due to a busy schedule could only work on the film for seven short days. However he not only did all his homework but also played photographer. Everyday he took his camera to the set. Young actors even became his models. Even Lau Tak Wa became his "target" as he brought a lot of joy to the set.

Jackie Chan in the film played a cooking monk, the happiest character in the film. The role had a lot of attention. Even off camera he became everyone's joy. Jackie Chan has always loved the cheer off screen. Everyday as long as he brought his camera he would have many little fans following him. Aside from a group of energetic young monks, he also had a group of cute girls who played refugees in the film. They also asked, "Big Brother Jackie Chan can you tell a picture for me?" Big Brother instantly turned into a professional photographer. He loved to capture everyone's happy faces the most. The young actors also did all their homework. On the chilling outdoor set, even with the wind they still were about to smile brilliantly . Even Lau Tak Wa who was waiting for a scene joined in and even told jokes to cheer up the girls. The girls sang and danced in front of Jackie Chan while the young monks made faces behind him to steal the girls' thunder.

Jackie Chan and Lau Tak Wa not only worked on the film but also played with them. Jackie Chan became a photography as the girls lined up to be "young models". Lau Tak Wa turned into a magician to perform tricks for the young monks. They kept the young actors happy. Even Wa Jai joked, "This film seems more suitable if it's called 'JOY TO SHAOLIN'."

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