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Carina Lau Ka Ling has been busy non stop since October 2010, with three movie releases in Hong Kong and one of which a Lunar New Year film with Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Because she is Tony Leung Chiu Wai's wife, many paid attention to how she worked with Yen Chi Tan? What did she think about how their portrayal of the same character? She confidently said, "They each have their different viewers." and easily resolved outside speculation.

As for actress, she naturally wanted to work with an actor of Wai Jai's caliber; but she revealed that when she worked with Wai Jai they could not set off spark. She pointed out that Wong Kar Wai arranged for a seduction scene between her and Wai Jai in 2046, but they could not perform it well no matter what. Since then she no longer looked forward to working with Wai Jai and believed that viewers did not want to see it either. Many felt that their personalities were polar opposites, their marriage was truly miraculous; yet she pointed out that many couples have different personalities. She felt that becoming a couple was Heaven's arrangement. She pointed out that Wai Jai was not as cool as his outside image. He had his lively side. Privately he was as creative as Stephen Chow Sing Chi, in particular he at home liked to imitate animals like cats and tigers. She felt that this was a basic instinct of a good actor. As for personal life, she quit smoking six years ago. Suddenly she even stopped playing mahjong. If she was in Hong Kong, she would got up to exercise around 8 and go outside with friends. She did not have any detailed plan because plans could not wait to change. She did as she pleased; she expected to be with Wai Jai to the end.

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