Friday, January 14, 2011


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Huang Xiaoming yesterday appeared at a trendy label flagship store event. He would only stay for a few hours in Hong Kong then return to work in Chongqing. Xiaoming said that he was working on a film with Angelababy. "I have to work until the Lunar New Year. I should have no way to spend the New Year with my family, only with the team!" As for spending it with Baby, he said, "Not necessarily, maybe she will have scenes and I won't! (How does it feel to work together?) Work is work!"

In addition his new film SACRIFICE will officially open in Hong Kong in the Lunar New Year. "Of course it's regrettable! I believe it is for other reasons, but I also believe that Hong Kong viewers will see it. This film made 200 million in the Mainland!" Reporters said that the film had a lot of changes from the original, he said, "This is a movie, not a documentary!"

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