Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Marie Zhuge and Wang Yuanyuan both started as models. They earlier participated in the Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI). Marie in the film guest starred as a secretary. She had scenes with Louis Koo Tin Lok, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi. She said that the hardest part about comedy was making others
laugh without laughing herself. She also said that Cheng Chung Kei's expression and action were funny and he absolutely was a comedy expert. Koo Tin Lok gave people a cool impression ordinarily but after spending time together he was not at all.

Marie began to have an interest in acting after this experience and hoped to try some unexpected characters. She would like the chance to play a killer. Marie will also try music this year as earlier she even signed with Universal Record in Japan.

Wang Yuanyuang and Koo Tin Lok were co-workers and did not have any intimate scene. Her brother in law Donnie Yen Chi Tan also had a part in the film. Would she be able to accept intimate scenes with her brother in law? She honestly said that she truly could not and her mother would not permit her anyway. Instead she could accept sexy performance.

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