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Wen Chao would like to work with his idol Stephen Chow Sing Chi and even look forward to his return to the screen

Juno Mak Chun Lung, who Stephy Tang Lai Yun is very happy to work with because her co-star was no longer her rumored boyfriend Alex Fong Lik Sun

Pat Ha Man Jik
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Juno Mak Chun Lung, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Lam Ka Tung, Pat Ha Man Jik, Wen Chao, producer Willie Chan Chi Keung and others yesterday attended a production start ceremony in a Cheung Sha Wan school. They cut roast pig and prayed together for a smooth shoot.

Juno said that this was a youth action film. More than half of his scenes were fight scenes, but they were different from a pure kung fu film. Would he have any dangerous scenes? Juno said, "Car crashes, building jumps and such. (Would you use a double?) I want to personally perform the stunts. In addition for now I have seen any double similar to me (physically)." Would Chan Chi Keung insure his god son heavily? He joked that he could just keep an eye on him. Juno has been rather obedient. He continued, "Yet before he took the role I had a condition, padding for all his fight scenes. He is a daredevil, he does everything himself. I was reminded of (Nicholas) Tse Ting Fung. He even wanted to jump from the bus himself." Did Juno want to challenge Ting Fung? Juno said that he had the impulse and wanted to do anything that he was able to achieve. He has worked with the director before and had confidence in the producer. Would his girlfriend keep him from doing so? Juno said, "It's ultimately work. I will take the full safety precaution. The most important is being prepared. I felt that I was well prepared."

Stephy and Juno played friends with an ambiguous relationship. Has Stephy been mesmerized? She joked that she has not yet. Reporters joked was it because Alex Fong Lik Sun was better looking? Stephy sweetly smiled and said, "No comparison, I always say comparisons between people kill people." A magazine claimed that Siu Fong was secretly seeing Linda Chung Ka Yun. Stephy said with disbelief, "Huh? He treats everyone very well. (So you are very relaxed?) I am used to it." Then she realized that she said something wrong and explained she meant how he was as a person.

Wen Chao in the film played a friend of Juno. Would he deliberately shake off Stephen Chow Sing Chi's shadow? He joked, "If I don't impersonate everyone instead feels I am pretentious. I won't do it very deliberately. I just have to be natural." Wen Chao honestly said that he liked Sing Yeh very much but has never seen him in person; Sing Yeh has been rumored to return to film this year, Wen Chao very confidently said, "I will work with him. It's a destiny, let's wait until he returns first." Wen Chao also hoped very much to be able to do his part for the film industry, thus he has been in film negotiations.

The Lam Ka Tung produced film GALLANTS (DA LUI TOI) won two Hong Kong Film Critic Society awards, Best Picture and Teddy Robin Kwan's Best Actor. Boss Andy Lau Tak Wa supposedly turned on the hose immediately for a sequel. Lam Ka Tung said, "Actually financing isn't a problem. I want the script to be better. I prefer social subjects. (Have your confidence
been increased?) A little!" How did Wa Jai react? Lam Ka Tung said that he only laughed a few times. He knew because Wa Jai just finished his concerts and he did not dare to disturb Wa Jai. He hoped Wa Jai would rest more so he would not arrange for any more celebration.

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