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Last year Shaw's 72 TENTANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT) performed decently. This Lunar New Year it followed up with a housing estate story I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK HOI SUM MAN SHUI). Continuing to direct and star, Eric Tsang Chi Wai this time approached Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Tony Leung Ka Fai and other Best Actor and Best Actress level stars to
carry the load. Although Kwan Yu this time was unable to work with the internationally renowned Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer Raymond Lam Fung, she complimented the TVB Best Actor Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung. She said that while working on I she brought luck to Cheung Jai and helped him win Best Actor again.

Ng Kwan Yu worked with Lai Yiu Cheung for the first time this time, which she was happy about and said that after working with Cheung Jai he was able to win the TVB Best Actor again. She brought him luck. Kwan Yu said, "Who doesn't want to work with TVB Best Actor? He was very busy and had no time to guest star. I told him only by guest starring would he win Best Actor. Finally that night I presented the award to him. I didn't even have to look at the letter I already knew he would definitely win!" Kwan Yu honestly said that she also liked Cheung Jai
personally because in the recent decade she has never seen such an ordinary looking man with such charm. She said, "When I watch him in a romance on the silver screen, I can say any woman would find him very attractive. In addition he has toiled in the industry for years, women could easily fall for him!" As for the film lacking TVB's top star Lam Fung, would she regret it? She said, "I feel Lam Fung is thriving, he is so handsome! (Miriam Yeung) Chin Wa after working him won Best Actress. I feel he is OK and has potential, but in order to carry the box office I still have to watch a few more movies!" Often the prank victim in past movies, Kwan Yu in I continued to be tortured. She honestly said that she has not played a similar character in years and she was very happy. She said, "I used to always play the lower tier, but I am more upper tier. This time in the film Leung Ka Fai hit him and Lai Yiu Cheung slapped me silly, some couldn't even be faked! However I was very happy to be abused!" In addition, Kwan Yu said that in the film she reunited with the 90s THE INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS (BA WONG FA) film series co-stars Stanley Fung Shui Fan, Wu Ma and others. With friends like Felix Wong Yat Wa and Chik Mei Chun she took the chance to talk about the past. When asked about returning home to TVB for a series, Kwan Yu honestly said that she was tired of acting and for now had no plan of making a series. She said, "Once the time I spent promoting a movie could make many movies. I have worked on a movie for 30 days and promoted for 30 days. Earlier in Beijing I was interviewed from 10AM to midnight! This year with two movies my workload doubled!"

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