Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Anthony Wong Chau Sun yesterday as the Hong Kong Performing Art Academy Alumni Association president along with Director Kevin Thompson, School of Film and Television director Shu Kei and some students held a school meeting. After the meeting Chau Sun was surprised to see different media on hand. Reporters received notice that Chau Sun wanted
to hold a settlement meeting. Chau Sun said, "Do you know who notify you? Lately we received some anonymous letters. If you don't know who they are then they are anonymous! I don't need to pay attention to them!" Chau Sun explained that this meeting was held because some students questioned the school of film and television, so a meeting was held to resolve the issues. Since the matter was internal it was not at liberty to be discussed. The matter has not developed to the point of media statement. Reporters said that someone wanted to create negative rumors. Was he worried about similar matter? Chau Sun honestly said that he would not eliminate the possibility, but felt that if the person wanted to make a statement to the public before the issue was resolved the behavior would be rather naive.

In addition, some questioned Shu Kei's lack of education to be a school director. Chau Sun joked, 'The entire world lacks education! If Lee Ka Shing says that he would teach you to make money, would you learn? I would!" Chau Sun honestly said that this meeting hoped that everyone would communicate during misunderstandings. this is a bridge that is fair and would not favor any side. Has Shu Kei responded to the questions? He said that very clearly, he remained very open, fair and transparent.

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