Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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Peter Ho Yun Tung and Godfrey Tsao (Go Yi Cheung) yesterday attended a Hong Kong medical museum fashion show. After the event Ho Yun Tung had to fly to Paris for an ad. Recently he has been busy with the film THE MONKEY KING (DAI LAU TIN GUNG). This time with the chance to work with his idol Chow Yun Fat, he praised Fat Gor as friendly. On the set he often shared acting experience with him. Fat Gor learned that he had a passion for photography as well and traded experiences. He said that normally he shot scenery more, but Fat Gor was more detailed and was even able to predict weather before analyzing how to shoot the photo.

In the film Ho Yun Tung and Donnie Yen Chi Tan had fight scenes. He pointed out that Chi Tan's kung fu was the strongest in the universe so he could only be the one who was the most able to take a beating in the universe. Earlier Yen Chi Tan was made fun of as the shortest in the
universe. During the shoot did he wear flat bottom shoes to make up for height? He pointed out that they often had wire scenes and height did not make a difference.

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