Tuesday, January 2, 2018


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Back at the director's chair, Leon Lai seriously watches the playback with Zhang Hanyu
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Leon Lai Ming's directing debut WINE WAR (CHEUNG HUNG) will open on the 18th. First time director Lai Ming of course would want his film to be its best. To be able to complete such a multiple country treasure hunt and gun fight film, Lai Ming once said, "Because I have worked with many excellent directors before, I accumulated a lot of experience. Today I am able to have this chance to make a movie that I feel particularly interested in. I couldn't do it without a group of great actors and crew to complete this matter." He asked popular Mainland actors to star and at the same time paid close attention to all the production problems of the film. The strong crew also solidified the film's high quality. Speaking of Lai Ming's directing debut, producer Huang Jianxin's evaluation of him was, "He doesn't resemble a first time director, instead he resembles a professional director more. His demands on the set are very detailed, each shot has to be its best."

For his first film as director, of course he was highly demanding but at the same time he did not lose his sense of humor. Although the scenes were thrilling and the mystery intriguing, he did not forget the comedy. He did not waste his nature humor gene at all. Lai Ming and Zhang Hanyu both had heavy comedic sense. To promote the film, Zhang Hanyu and Lai Ming even sang the film song BIG BABY in hopes of bringing the audience a Happy New Year.

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