Thursday, January 25, 2018


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Yuri Chan Yui Yui, Brian Wong Chak Fung, director Alex Cheung Kwok Ming and others two nights ago attended the Tony Leung Hung Wah produced film IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE (MO HOR NUNG)'s premiere. Yui Yui revealed that the film was made three years ago and it was about dance. In the films she played a dream chasing girl who was also swindled in love. As two girls fought over a guy, she also had a suicide scene. Has she run into such problems in real life? She said that she has not. Her relationships have been very simple. Did the suicide scene affect her emotions? She said, "I wasn't upset. In the story my family went bankrupt so I cut my wrist. Before hand I tried many ways to play the wrist cutting scene. The producer taught me how to do it."

Yui Yui also revealed that lately she has been busy with the preparation for a "mermaid" competition. A press conference will take place in February. She would ask Wilson Chin Kwok Wai and Joyce Tung Lai Ming for help and promote ocean preservation at the same time. As for qualifications, Yui Yui said, "First you can't be afraid of water, and you have to preservation knowledge. (Would you personally demonstrate and instruct?) I studied for a year, I might not teach personally. However I would host. Demonstration in swimsuit would be inevitable, so I have to box to lose weight."

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