Thursday, January 18, 2018


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The Barbara Wong Chun Chung directed, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Ivy Chen and Janine Chang starred film GIRLS II will open in March. The film earlier was selected for film festivals in Los Angeles and India. Wong Chun Chun revealed that a film company in India offered to buy the rights to GIRL II for an Indian version; Sit Hoi Kei joked that she could consider working in India.

Sit Hoi Kei and director of photography Chan Chor Keung both said that the scene in which the three lead actresses were left with only a leaf was sexy and eye catching. Because the leave could easily be ripped, everyone was afraid of wardrobe malfunction or continuity flaw and kept an eye on the "costume" every second. Vietnam was hot and humid during the shoot, a crew member broke skin from scratching their mosquito bites then was invaded by "flesh eating flies" as his leg became infected with flesh eating virus and severely swollen. The doctor said that if it was not treated early amputation might be necessary. Wong Chun Chun immediately arranged for him to return to Hong Kong for treatment.

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