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Benny Chan turns down several series for his friend
Louis Cheung appreciates Lam Tsz Chung's talent
Lam Tsz Chung works with Christopher Doyle on FUNNY SOCCER
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The Lam Tsz Chung invested and directed FUNNY SOCCER (SIU LUM JOOK KAU) due to some investors' failure to finance as promised had to scale back on the budget. With the poor film promotion in the Mainland and few show scheduling, the film after a few days in release in the Mainland ended its run as a box office bomb. In overseas market sale an intermediary turned out to be a swindler and disappeared with the money. The investors not only did not make a cent, Lam Tsz Chung and another invesor lost over HK$ 20 million.

Lam Tsz Chung revealed that the film's investment was 3 million. "I started writing the first draft of the film ten years ago. I really like the script and spent a year from preparation to production. Every actor gave their all. (Louis) Cheung Kai Chung and Shin even got into shape, went on a diet and practice soccer for this film, Shin even went from not playing soccer at all to bending a penalty shot past the human wall into the goal. He even wrote a great theme song for the film!" Chubby Chung even said that his friend Benny Chan Ho Man did not take a cent to support him. "I thought when I have revenue I would share some with him. Now I have nothing to give, it's a wasted effort. I am very sorry for that."

Mainland series NIRVANA IN FIRE's Mainland star Zhou Qiqi also agreed to perform as the pretty and tough class president in the film. Chubby Chung praised her beauty and decent performance. She was very cooperative with the team. Even photographer Christopher Doyle (To Ho Fung) could not help but praise her.

The film's biggest investor Wing said, "The court said that the other party had to return the overseas sale money to me, but I still haven't received it yet. The entire matter made me sell two homes and gave he depression. It really hurt. I don't get how people can be so bad. He is still working in the business. I am telling the story in order to remind my colleagues, to be careful and not to be swindled!"

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