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The Johnson Lee Si Jit directed and starred film STAYCATION (YUT GA DAI SAI) will open next month. In the earlier released trailer, Lee Si Jit played a working class guy who puts a lot of effort into arranging for his father Tommy Tam (Ti Lung) and mother Yuen Qiu to go on a family vacation for his father's 70th birthday and his own 15th wedding anniversary. Unexpectedly time and again his nut job brother Andrew Lam Man Chung creates nuclear weapon level destructions. They also run into an odd hotel manager Law Kar Ying. In addition he suspects that his wife Louisa So Yuk Wa is cheating on him. Thus a series of crazy events takes place over three days and two nights!

Everyone knows how funny Lee Si Jit and Lam Man Chung can be, no one expects that Big Brother Ti Lung in his first Lunar New Year comedy to be on par with the duo. In one scene Brother Lung and Lam Man Chung have a father and son conversation in space language. Although they rehearsed first, Brother Lung and Lam Man Chung again improvised and cracked Yuen Qiu up.

Brother Lung said that this character was different from before. In the past he mostly played serious and stiff characters. For STAYCATION he had to let everything go and played a stubborn but kind father who spoils his sons. Thus in the film he not only had to mark up his face but also either hug and kiss Lam Man Chung or argue and fight wth Lee Si Jit. The feeling was very fun and fresh, the more he worked on the film the more he enjoyed it. Ah Chung said that on his first collaboration with Brother Lung they immediately became close friends. "At first when I found out I got to work with the Best Actor I was a little scared. Then on the first day of work, Brother Lung turned out to be so much fun and funny!" Lam Man Chung immediately got bold with Brother Lung, everyone was already laughing nonstop only from watching playback.

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