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Simon Yam gets over the generation gap with Michelle Wai with swimming
Michelle Wai thinks Simon Yam is charming ,especially his eyes
Michelle Wai almost misses her cue as she is so focused on watching Carina Lau and Simon Yam act
Carina Lau and Simon Yam do not need rehearsal due to their chemistry
Mother and daughter Carina Lau and Michelle Wai
Carina Lau and Zhang Ziyi
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Carina Lau thinks Tony Leung Chiu Wai would mind working with her on a comedy
Michelle Wai, Carina Lau, Patrick Kong
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Carina Lau Ka Ling and Simon Yam Tat Wa worked together again on the Lunar New Year comedy A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT (NGOR DIK CHING DIK NUI SAI). Ka Ling said that she did not excel in comedy, but she did not ask her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai for advice. She joked, "I don't need to, I am very professional. Actually my acting is better than his, only everyone has neglected me."

The film was Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed. Working with Ka Ling for the first time, he described the feeling was very pleasant. However Ka Ling felt that she was not suitable for the director's films because he has always made twenty something young people romance. Yip Lim Sum said that the audience would grow up. When the script came out he already had Sister Ka Ling in mind for the character. He also moved her to take the role with a love letter.

In the film Ka Ling played Yam Tat Wa's ex. Years after their breakup, Ka Ling fell for her daughter Michelle Wai Sze Nga. Ka Ling said that she did not mind playing a mother. "At my age having a daughter in her 20's would be very reasonable, I just didn't have one. In addition the story was very attractive to me. It would happen in the modern world, Ma's former lover would fall for his ex's daughter." If it happened in real life, how would she handle it? Ka Ling said, "It would be rather shocking, but I would keep my daughter's emotions in mind. If my daughter really likes him and is happy, Ma didn't work with the man, maybe the daughter would work with him? At my age I can accept anything."

Since the rival was her daughter, would her heart not break? Ka Ling felt that if she had a romantic rival she would rather it would be her daughter. "What is there to be heartbroken about? The daughter has to be in a great relationship with the guy, and the guy is well maintained. If he is a mess, I of course wouldn't let my daughter be with him. I would tell what happened with me and the guy to my daughter, maybe I was the one in the wrong before." Ka Ling felt that when a couple broke up, both sides had problems. However girls nowadays would mostly yell at guys and not examine themselves.

Aside from Lau Ka Ling and Yam Tat Wa, the director also invited 80 film stars like Patrick Tse Yin, Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Bob Lam Sing Bun, Philip Keung Ho Man and Louisa Mak Ming Sze to guest star. Ka Ling said that she was the happiest to be able to see former TVB colleagues she has not seen in years. Yip Lim Sum said, "This time I called in all the favors. I am the happiest to be able to invite MC Jin, who is so popular in the Mainland that he has a show everyday. The biggest favor of course is Sister Ka Ling."

Already publicly recognized for her good acting, Ka Ling admitted that comedy to her actually was very hard. In addition she had a generation gap with the younger generation. "Wong Yuen Chi and I have a generation gap. I don't really know what is so funny about what they say. Sometimes I don't follow. Bob, Hak Jai and Sei Gor are all very funny. Sei Gor on the set is funnier than his character, he has the guts to do anything." Ka Ling realized that playing a comedy actually was very joyous and finally understood why Wai Jai would like to play comedy. However sh never though about working as a couple on a comedy. She said, "If we play a comedy together it would become a tragedy because we would start fighting. He probably would hit me. He definitely would mind me. He wouldn't have to say anything, his expression already tells me that he minds." Did she ask Wai Jai for comedy advice? Ka Ling said without hesitation, "No need, I am very professional."

How did working with Brother Wa after so many years feel like? She said, "He is older.....I am joking, he is more and more charming. (Brother Wa said that he was under your spell on the set?) He is really smooth, he must have hypnotized himself and say that I am very pretty and very hot." She joked that if in real life she had a son in law like Brother Wa it would be great, because he would buy a home for his wife everywhere in the world. He truly could not be topped. It was not a question of worth, but his thoughtfulness and willingness to give.

Wai Sze Nga revealed that when she heard Brother Wa's call to his wife he was very sweet. He also did not like to drink, which would be what she would look for in a boyfriend. Speaking of working with Sister Ka Ling, Sze Nga said that it was like a dream. "Sister Ka Ling really is very pretty. If Ma is that pretty it would be great, and I would have a goal to keep myself better in the future. However I haven't had the time to ask Sister Ka Ling about how to be so well maintained. I learned the importance of maintaining myself from working with Sister Ka Ling."

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