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Stephy Tang Lai Yun

Tracy Ip Chui Chui

Bosco Wong Chung Chap got food for Myolie Wu Hung Yi

Jacky Cheung Hok Yau

Jacky Cheung and Elaine Lok Yi Ling
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai
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Tracy Ip

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The Shaw Lunar New Year presentation 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (CHUT SUP YI GA JO HAT) yesterday held a wrap banquet. The film's cast and crew including Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, and Anita Yuen Wing Yi along with TVB executive and producer Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei attended. Chi Tan fought on behalf of TVB artists and revealed that they only received a four figure laisee and "thanks without words". He hoped that Shaw's next film will be able to match market prices as he swore to fight for the industry.

Yesterday the film company held a 18 table wrap banquet for a film television special that will air on the Lunar New Year's Eve. Nearly 100 members of the cast and crew appeared as they toasted and celebrated the shoot completion. The film's producer Tsang Chi Wai even spoke on stage in hopes of investor Shaw's attention over artist salary issue. He revealed that actors after a tap on the shoulder and a line of dialogue received a laisee than had to promote. Chi Wai stressed that such a situation should never appear again. Chi Wai said, "When I asked Ms. Lok to mobilize TVB resources and artists, I knew that I couldn't give people much money for their help. I don't want to tap people on the shoulder, give them laise and say thanks without words because we have to be close to market prices. I told Ms. Lok that this system should just be one time only!" Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei stressed that the boss has always asked them not to give TVB artists a hard time and told Ms. Lok to give reasonable pay. He believed that Ms. Lok would do so. He also thanked Cheung Hok Yau for taking a pay cut. Shaw is already planning for its third film. Lok Yi Ling pointed out that TVB artists were united in the participation and pointed at Chi Wai as she said, "They are not playing tap the shoulder. They want to work with you, this is the TVB spirit. You are a part of TVB so it has your spirit too!"

Later, Chi Wai invited male lead Hok Yau on stage. Hok Yau awkwardly stated, "I don't have a part in a laisee and thanks without word, but I am sorry that I don't know about this condition!" Chi Wai joked, "Their cuts all went to you!" Chi Wai said that as the Performing Artist Guild chair he only wanted benefits for its members. He explained, "Actually everyone received money, but many got a tap on the shoulder and lower than their market price. (How many was in the laisee?) Everyone got thanks without words, at least four figures. The lower their rank the more they are fully paid. Actually cameos are hard to calculate, but everyone is paid lower than market price. I have to thank everyone for their help." Shaw executive Wong Ka Hei pointed out that the boss paid fully. Chi Wai responded, "He was afraid that it would come out differently in the papers. I am not afraid to speak up because later we will have the third, fourth, fifth film to make." He also pointed out that the film's total investment was 30 million. He honestly said that normally the film would take 50 million to complete. Were artists upset so he spoke up? Chi Wai stressed that everyone was understanding, but he mainly did not want any bad precedence. He only accepted the situation because the Lunar New Year atmosphere.

When asked whether female lead Yuen Wing Yi received market pay, she honestly admitted that this time was a half price discount. Len Len said, "Chi Wai is great. He didn't ask me to take too much of a cut. Because my old company's people approached me, I didn't say no! (Are you unwilling to take another cut next time?) Don't say that. Even with sincerity I have to see who is asking. Chi Wai asked me to come and have fun, so you can't measure fun with money. This time with the size of the role it is considered reasonable, the pay and the workload are in proportion!" She honestly said that this was a Lunar New Year film so she did not care. For another Shaw film she would not accept this price because a return to industry rule would be more the norm. Charmaine Sheh Si Man also stated that her salary was close to market price. She said, "This film had so many performers that having a part was considered good news for me. Not everything is about money, I am just having fun." As for her old flame with a new girlfriend in the Mainland, Ah Sheh responded, "Thank you!" and left in a hurry. In addition, Kayi Cheung expressed that she not only guest starred for four days but also had dialogue. She said, "I am not sure how much I got paid, I should have something. If not it's no big deal because I got to work with Hok Yau!" Koni Lui Wai Yi revealed that she still has not received her salary. "I feel with the chance, the salary amount is unimportant. As long as it's enough for me to eat it's enough!" Producer and TVB executive Lok Yi Ling expressed that the film will be released simultaneously on December 21, the Lunar 28th, in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Did she hope that its box office will be better than TURNING POINT (LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT)? She honestly said that she did and would properly promote.

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