Thursday, January 28, 2010

[2010.01.29] WANG LEEHOM VS. 300 POUND BIG GUY

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Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom worked together for the first time in LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (DAI BING SIU JEUNG), which will participate in this year's Berlin Film Festival. Leehom expressed that being able to walk the red carpet on an international film festival truly was a rare opportunity. Thus when he recalled the pain of the production, it seemed minuscule.

Leehom expressed, in one scene he had to fight a 300 pound big guy. "That big guy was an entire head taller than me and I had to fight with him. Due to my lack of experience, I was really afraid of hurting him, haha!" yet during the shoot, Leehom under the action director's guidance finally completed the scene successfully. Yet he was more afraid of the horse riding and horse struggling scenes, before the shoot although I had a few horse riding lessons and learned to communicate with horses, they were still animals and wouldn't keep their eyes on me. During several horse riding scenes, my horse almost threw me off in a tantrum. I was holding onto for dear life so I didn't fall off the horse."

Another scene was the most terrifying to Leehom. "In that scene I had to fight with actors on horseback. Horses kept running next to me, I was really afraid that the rider and the horse would ram into me."

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