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The film CONFUCIUS yesterday held a press conference in Guangzhou. Both leads Chow Yun Fat and Zhou Xun attended and walked the red carpet with over 100 media outlets covering the event.

The event yesterday did not arranged individual interviews for the media, perhaps out of fear that the media would ask Zhou Xun's lightning fast breakup with her boyfriend of half a year. Philip Chan Yun Kin yesterday was the host. He asked Zhou Xun whether she was used to working with Fat Gor because Fat Gor often did strange things. Zhou Xun said that she was used to it and Fat Gor was a very playful but very professional person. She remembered that in one scene she had to wear a costume with malachite, some of which fell on the floor. The screenplay required her to kneel. Fat Gor immediately asked the director for a stop and brushed away the gems on the floor for her. She thought Fat Gor was very attentive. Zhou Xun expressed that she would not be afraid of Fat Gor. When he was present everyone was very happy.

When Fat Gor was interviewed, the entire venue applauded. Fat Gor greeted everyone in Cantonese. Fat Gor expressed that when the director showed him the screenplay he was already very touched. In one scene Confucius' life was at its worst. One of his students Nazi began to cry. Chan Ka Yun joked, "I too want to cry." Fat Gor quipped, "You talk so well, you can be considered a person too."

A reporter said that Fat Gor became the top literary figure. Fat Gor said that he used to play God of Gamblers and mob bosses. CONFUCIUS made him legitimate and now he became the boss of literary people. He joked, "Confucius actually also fights very well, but I didn't have a chance to show off." He said that the film had more dramatic scenes. Since he was already 55 years old, his fighting days were already numbered. Since his heart was in it but his body was not, in the future he would play more literary bosses and not martial art bosses. Of course not playing Wu Dalong would be the best.

Director Hu Mei yesterday praised Fat Gor for his convincing performance. She believed that he could perform almost any character, except Jia Boyu. Perhaps he could play Jia Boyu's father. Hu Mei also praised that Fat Gor gave him a lot of pleasant surprises. He was very talented. Now she was very confident that CONFUCIUS could duel with AVATAR.

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