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The Chow Yun Fat starred film CONFUCIUS yesterday held its theme song global press conference in Beijing yesterday, but its performer Faye Wong did not appear in person. She appeared on video, praised the film's extraordinary meaning and hinted that she had an advanced comeback because she could relate to CONFUCIUS.

Yesterday the media flocked to the event but after five years in silence Faye Wong only "appeared" via the VCR. "The reason for me to participate in this film is very simple, the subject of CONFUCIUS. I feel I am participating in an extraordinarily meaningful matter. In particular in this day and age, this matter has become more important and urgent. Today whether in our lives or our literary work, negative messages and emotions are numerous. Among them are also very sharp and deep questions. I think CONFUCIUS' meaning is reminding everyone that the answer is here and actually has always been here. It reminds us that the philosophical and spiritual inheritance of our ancestors of virtue is the base of our inner power that can never be lost." Finally she hoped that even more people would be able to see this film, or know it, hear about it, think about it and wish everyone to be able to benefit from it.

At the press conference, the film company even announced that the official launch preview site that was originally scheduled for 9AM today has been moved up to yesterday at 5PM. After the news of Faye Wong's official comeback to perform the theme song, everyone strongly demanded for them to move up the preview. In order to thank the fans' passion the film company decided to move up the press conference to the afternoon behind so fans would be able to hear Faye Wong's first new song.

As for rumors that Chow Yun Fat made Faye Wong's theme song performance possible, Fat Gor admitted honestly that he has always liked Faye Wong's songs very much. Yet they were not familiar. At the middle of the month Beijing premiere, he will have the chance to meet Faye Wong and Li Yapeng. Fat Gor said that he still has not heard the theme song but looked forward to it.

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