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The Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won) starred Lunar New Year film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (DAI BING SIU JEUNG) will open February 25. Leehom in the film had many action scenes. Because he played a state of Wei general, he not only had battle scenes but also many fight scenes with Jackie Chan. To the usually gentle and refined Leehom it was a huge challenge, but the challenge to Jackie Chan was even greater as he had to be careful with Leehom's "strikes". Leehom expressed that when he made CHINA STRIKE FORCE (LUI TING JIN GAING) he learned many action secrets from Stanley Tong Kwai Lai, but most were for car chases. This time the swords absolutely was a difficult subject. Ultimately he had to have a Chinese martial art background to make the swordplay look good, it was not something that he could do overnight though.

Before the shoot Leehom already prepared for the role, as he continuously trained and had a high protein diet in hopes of improving his shape and construction. Yet this character was also agile. Luckily with Big Brother Jackie Chan's instructions he looked the part. Actually they had a lot of near misses. On several occasions he almost hit Big Brother, once he even hit Big Brother's arm and blood poured out. Although Big Brother would not care about such a minor injury, Leehom felt very guilty and kept apologizing to Big Brother. Big Brother instead had to comfort him and hoped that the production would not be affected.

After Big Brother's therapy session, Leehom relaxed and Big Brother praised his potential. He also did not mind looking dirty. In the film he was not only tortured and tied up, but in one scene New Seven Little Fortune Xu Dongmei forced a kiss on him. with everyone looking he did not enjoy it at all. He also had to make a disgusted expression. Leehom joked that he would rather duel with Big Brother than having a kiss
forced on him.

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