Thursday, January 21, 2010


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Korean star Yoo Seung-Jun in the Emperor Pictures new film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (DAI BING SIU JEUNG) insisted on personally performing a horse riding scene. Once as the horse was running the rope suddenly broke and he immediately fell off the horse. Luckily due to his agility he only suffered scratches. He was able to perform in LITTLE because Jackie Chan saw his performance on television, was convinced that he could act and immediately asked someone to contact him. Yoo Seung-Jun said, "The first time I met with Jackie Chan in Beijing, I went to the wrong hotel and ran into a traffic jam. I was two hours late and started crying in the car. Finally as soon as I arrived Big Brother said I was hungry and immediately urged me to eat something. At the time I was very touched."

In addition, Jackie Chan donated 5 million RMB in Beijing to the families of peace keepers who lost their lives in Haiti. He revealed that his 100th film CHINESE ZODIAC may be his final major action film. The story expressed his displeasure at the earlier national treasures being auctioned. He said, "Inside overseas museums are all stole properties. I even thought about hiring the best thieves to steal them back."

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