Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Joey Man Yi Man was invited to perform in the independent film TIN SUN NGOR JOI (BORN TO PLANT). Yesterday Man Man attended the worship ceremony in Sai Kung. This time she played a fashion designer. In the film girls of different ages will play "Man Man" of different ages. Because the film received government funding, Man Man volunteered for four days. Even when the director wanted to give her transportation stipend, Man Man not only did not accept it but even found with casting like fellow volunteer Ko Ho Ching.

After completing this film, Man Man will fly to Kunming and Guangzhou for an animated film. Because she will have to stay until the Lunar 29th or 30th, she might not be able to have the end of the year dinner with her family. Thus Man Man will have dinner with her family as well as her mother's birthday dinner in advance.

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